Putin: the program “Accessible environment” will be extended until 2025


Путин: программа «Доступная среда» будет продлена до 2025 года

Photo: gov39.ru

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the implementation of the state program “Accessible environment”, designed to provide a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities, will be extended and intensified, reports RIA “Novosti”. The program “Accessible environment” was launched in 2011 and ends in 2020, it will now be extended to 2025.

“We should just extend the program from 2020 until at least 2025. And it needs to step up to it (creating a barrier-free environment) was not stretched on forever,” said the President at the meeting with disabled persons and representatives of relevant NGOs in the Russian state specialized Academy of arts (RGSI).

Vladimir Putin noted that the implementation of the program on creation of barrier-free environment for people with disabilities has already borne results, but done not yet sufficient. He also urged to pay more attention to the needs of people with disabilities in the implementation of other programs. “A penny is all worth it, it is inexpensive. Question for attention. A remodel can be difficult. Break, and then again to do something, it’s probably more expensive”, – he said.


How to install a ramp at the entrance?

The President also drew attention to the fact that the creation of conditions for unimpeded access of people with disabilities should be at the stage of design and construction. “It is better to do (barrier-free environment) from, initially. When we were preparing Sochi for the Olympics, immediately prepared for the Paralympics, all done, there it is. So you need to do everywhere, and we will do this. And the program will be prolonged until 2025,” – said he in conclusion.

Previously, we reported that the General Prosecutor’s office of Russia will check the implementation of the state program “Accessible environment” in the regions of the country. The reason for these inspections were worrying signals from different regions of the Russian Federation on unfair implementation of this program.

For example, we wrote about the fact that the Prosecutor’s office of the Chelyabinsk region for the period 2015-2016, the city has identified more than 1,200 violations in the implementation of the state program “Accessible environment”. More than 200 officials were brought to administrative responsibility, 13 criminal cases. The damage from the revealed crimes has made more than 1,5 million roubles.