In Russia launched the project Sreda where you can get anonymous online counselling therapists


Internet-draft, which was launched in December 2017, allows to receive consultations from a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, coach, and instructor of meditation. Here you can ask a question that will be answered by one or several specialists.

The authors of the project believe that mental health is just as important as physical. “To ask questions and to admit weaknesses – not ashamed, and psychotherapy is a safe, effective and clinically proven treatment, which should be clear and accessible to all”, they claim.

How to write the creators of the site, to improve his mental state a person must first understand that he is not the only one facing such problems and also to admit his weakness, asking for what you need. And after that you can choose a specialist to solve their psychological problems. To deal with this difficult period of his life very difficult. In order to help them, and created this website.

To your question could be answered in one or several specialists. You can also read the most popular questions and answers.

Specialist consultants for the project selects the expert Council, which included:

  • Yakov Kochetkov – candidate of biological Sciences, a clinical psychologist, researcher at Moscow research Institute of psychiatry, President of the Association of cognitive-behavioral therapists.
  • Svetlana Bronnikova – clinical psychologist, candidate of psychological Sciences, BIG-registered clinical psychologist (Netherlands), member of the Netherlands Institute of psychologists (NIP), a certified intuitive eating.
  • Inna Khamitova, a clinical psychologist, family therapist, Director of the Center for systemic family therapy.
  • Natalia Dikova – clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, member of Professional psychotherapeutic League, member of the European Association for counselling.

“We are confident that the issue of how to make your life more stable, more stable and happier, you should not rely on chance and the recommendation of friends. is an open space where you can choose a specialist with whom you speak the same language” – say the creators of the project.