Onf of Komi took part in the contest “Northern mosaic”


ОНФ в Коми принял участие в подведении итогов конкурса «Северная мозаика»

Activists of the regional branch of the Russian popular front in the Republic of Komi at the site of the Syktyvkar forest Institute participated in the event by summarizing the regional charity small grants competition for the development of cultural initiatives “Northern mosaic”. The competition is held with the participation of the regional branch of the onf, with the support of a member of the Central headquarters of the popular front, a state Duma Deputy Olga Savastyanova.

Representatives of the popular front in the Komi Republic drew attention to the uniqueness of the “North mosaic” connecting the development of territories with the creative initiative of citizens. The uniqueness of the initiative was recognised at the III Cultural forum of Russian regions “Education and culture: the interaction potential and resources of NGOs in the regions of Russia”, which was held in September 2017 in Moscow with the participation of representatives of the regional branch of the popular front in the Komi Republic.

As reported by a member of the regional headquarters of the popular front in the Komi Republic, Yulina Prokhorov, organizational support “Northern mosaic” provides a community centre of legislative initiatives is Savastyanova. “The competition is aimed at the formation of the diversity, preservation and development of cultural environment of specific territories and the region; creating conditions for the development of human potential of cities and rural areas of the Republic in the sphere of culture and socio-cultural activities”, – said Prokhorov.

First places in different nominations received: Ezhvinskiy district centralized library system summer reading program “School of good deeds”; the House of folk art and the Center for social and cultural activities in the village Koslan the initiative to create a game Studio for children with disabilities and the limited possibilities of health “World without borders”; Sysol Central club system in the village of Vizinga for the organization of work for the national theatre Studio and the staging of the evening theatrical meetings “Chanid accommodated” (“Warm evening”); the Museum of history and culture in the village of Vizinga for the creation of the exhibition “Voice of crafts”; Ust-tsilemsky historical and memorial Museum of A. V. Zhuravsky for creating art work on wood.

Only 16 winners, among them individual creative personality: Andrew Levchenko from the village of iz’yayu of the Pechora region with the organization of the League “Maria-Mole” (club of cheerful and resourceful); Vladislav Donchenko from Syktyvkar project games according to mythology, Komi Republic; a group of the women’s Council of Izhma district with the project “Izhma crafts in toys and Souvenirs”.

“Very pleased with the activity and interest in the competition. Although there is another side of the coin – companies and organizations operating in the sphere of culture, live in a chronic state of underfunding. But in any case we see activity, we see creativity and a great desire to solve all the problems standing in the way of realization of great ideas. This competition is the first in the Republic in terms of its format, charity. The selected format is allowed to make the contest available for people and creative communities who are unable to participate in grant competitions for public institutions and NGOs. 19% of the announced projects – that from these candidates,” commented Savastyanova.

The event was marked by conducted by the onf in Tennessee are working to support culture: in 2017, social activists held an action “Go to the Museum” for students, syktyvdin district, took part in the actions of the “Seven wonders of the Soviet” and “Neighbors friendly family”, devoted to the preservation of historical and cultural heritage of Syktyvkar, activists of the popular front in the Republic has kept libraries in Vorkuta, which had planned to close as part of the optimization.