5 December kicks off the Christmas Rally donations from the project “Gone good, Moscow!”


Christmas Rally donations from the project “Gone good, Moscow!” in support of the charitable Assembly “All together” starts on 5 December 2017.

C 5 December 2017 to 13 January 2018 on the website delisdobrom.charityclub.ru you can make donations to one or more of the ten charities.

In the new year Rally donations participate:

Charity hospice charity Fund “Vera”

Children’s hospice “House with a lighthouse”

Charity Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans”

Regional charitable public Fund “Children’s hearts”

Charity Fund of helping orphan children “Here and now”

Charity Fund “Orthodoxy and the World”

Charitable Foundation for children with diseases in Oncology and Oncohematology “Life”

Help Fund homeless animals “ray”

Charitable Foundation for sick children “the Gulf stream”

Center for curative pedagogics “the Special childhood”

Specifically for Rally company TEKO has created the platform delisdobrom.charityclub.ru where you can make donations. Every 250 rubles the amount donated will receive a unique random number. Every 10th from the unique random numbers receives a gift. The more you donate, the more gifts you can receive and give.

For the first time donation can be a gift! Participants of the Rally can give any room made donations from your friends, relatives, partners and perhaps they will receive gifts.

The announcement of the offer, receiving a gift — every Saturday from 9 to 30 December at 12:00. Lists of winning numbers will be published on the website delisdobrom.cherityclub.ru

The ad super gifts 13 January 2018! Any donations made during the Christmas Rally website delisdobrom.charityclub.ru can get a super gift.

During the Rally it is planned to collect more than 6 million rubles and to distribute about 2,500 gifts.

Participants of the Rally will be able to get tickets to the museums of the new Museum and House-Museum of M. Tsvetaeva, the State Biological Museum im. K. A. Timiryazev, Moscow Museum, Museum of Vadim ZADOROZHNY, event logs Snob and the Art of Cinema, theatre Ramtha and the New Opera house, concerts in the Cathedral of Peter and Paul,as well as an annual subscription to an online movie theater Start.

Gifts for the winners of the Rally gave the publishing house “EKSMO”, “White crow”, publishing house “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Dogfriend publishers” and “Ivanov, Mann and Farber”. As gifts you can get the book M. Potasheva, A. L. Petranovskoj and Givargizova autographed by the authors, as well as music CDs and MakSim Zemfira autographed by the authors.

You will be able to become owners of a number of paintings of contemporary Russian artists, including A. Bilzho, U. Veselyansky, A. Makarevich, T., ZADOROZHNY, V. the Elnitskaya, M. Getmanenko, N. Nikulina, A. Barteneva, A. Vedar, E. Crow, and E. Makarevich.

Gift certificates has already provided AMC and GMS Clinic, veterinary clinic biocontrol, beauty salons, “the beacon”, “Orange”, “Capital”, salon “Fingers” and the barbershop “Mk.Right,” the dmts “Together cheerfully to walk”.

All participants of the Christmas Rally donations can win the super-prize – a certificate for two for one night at the hotel Marriott Royal Aurora in Moscow!!!

Have something to share? You can also become a partner of the Christmas Rally! Gifts autorganizzato partner can bring from 28 November to 20 December in the Charity collection “All together” (p. 25 Protopopovskiy lane 1) or to mail in welcome@delisdobrom.com

Brief information about the project:

Project “Share the good” was created in November of 2016 to support charities and organizations. The project team is working on a volunteer basis. During this time it collected more than 10 million rubles, held 5 events were attended by over 8 thousand people. The most striking event, a Charity Flea market-3, held on 19 November 2017 at the hotel “Baltschug Kempinski”.

November 19, 2017 at a Charity Flea market-3 in favor of the children’s hospice “the House with the lighthouse” managed to collect 4 009 644 roubles. This is a record for fees one event in favor of “Children’s hospice”.

In June 2017 the project “Share the good” was awarded the Moscow Urban Forum in the category of PUBLIC GOOD.