In Moscow in the framework of the renovation of wheelchair users will provide apartments with wide corridors


People with disabilities on wheelchairs, who take part in the program of renovation of the housing stock of Moscow, will provide homes with wide hallways and wider doorways, said the head of the Moscow Department of urban development Sergei lyovkin in an interview to the information centre of the government of Moscow. The city authorities will also assist in the relocation of people with disabilities.

“In the relocation of families with wheelchair users will provide them apartments on the lower floors with a specially enhanced doorways and corridors. This will be provided in the project to increase the mobility of wheelchair users at home,” said Sergey Levkin.

Apartment for wheelchair users it is planned to allocate on the first floor. The choice will allow to see at least two apartments. “Now it is difficult to say whether it is a choice on the floors, but the opportunity to look at the apartment the settlers will,” promised Levkin.

Previously, we reported that housing that will be provided to the Muscovites for the renovation programme, promise to make affordable and convenient for people with disabilities and other disabled groups. The ground floors and entrances of new homes will be located on level pavement, i.e. at the entrance did not stand a stairs. The lack of stairs on the first floor will not require installation of ramps and other adaptations in order to get to the entrance.