Mikhail Shemyakin was supported by animal welfare activists


Михаил Шемякин поддержал зоозащитников

The St. Petersburg “School of Tovolunteer”, which is located in the walls of the cafés on Liteyny Prospekt 60, visited the famous artist and public figure Mikhail Shemyakin.

Shemyakin, famous for its touching and caring attitude to the “smaller brothers”, was offered in support of the organizations, saving homeless animals, conduct auctions, which sold artists ‘ works on animal themes. “Loving animals means not to be indifferent to them”, – said the artist.

Михаил Шемякин поддержал зоозащитников

Classes at the “School of Tovolunteer” are becoming more popular in St. Petersburg. Her motto is “to Help animals!” can be implemented in everyday life thanks to the joint efforts of state and public organizations. The classes are free they bring together representatives of volunteer movements from all parts of the city.

Михаил Шемякин поддержал зоозащитников

The school works closely with the state veterinary service of St. Petersburg, the specialists of which carry out informational support, participate in lectures, interactive sessions and master classes. Permanent participation in the work of the “school of Tovolunteer” takes the head of the veterinary Department of St. Petersburg Yuri Andreyev.

Михаил Шемякин поддержал зоозащитников

Mikhail Shemyakin and head of the “School of Tovolunteer” Anna Kondratieva

Department of information – press service of administration of the Governor of St. Petersburg