The endowment Fund of Tomsk state University was added on 2 million rubles


Эндаумент-фонд ТГУ пополнился на 2 млн рублей

The Director General of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation Oksana Oracheva was handed to the rector of Tomsk state University Eduard Galazhinsky certificate for 2 million rubles, which will be sent to the Fund of target capital management from TSU. The certificate was presented during the opening of the III Forum of academic fundraising, which was held in Tomsk on November 14-15.

“The endowment Fund of Tomsk state University became one of the leaders of our program “Target capital: growth strategy”, – said Oksana Oracheva. And in connection with these results the founder of our Foundation Vladimir Potanin has decided to Fund an endowment TSU 2 million rubles.”


Эндаумент-фонд ТГУ пополнился на 2 млн рублей The program “Target capital: growth strategy” was launched in 2012 to promote in Russia the model of endowments, as well as increase the professional level of employees of non-profit organizations. In 2015, partner of the Foundation of the Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO. It passed the two year program representatives of Russian universities, museums, theatres, charities, create endowments. Along with learning the program participants worked on the practical component was further developed and implemented projects in their organizations for grants of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. Upon completion of training, endowments, whose projects were recognized as the best, received encouraging contributions from personal funds of Vladimir Potanin for a total amount of 30 million rubles.


The endowment Fund of Tomsk state University was established in 2010 to support scientific, educational, social and innovative infrastructure of the University. His staff twice became participants of the program “Target capital: growth strategy”. The Foundation raises funds to your emergency capital, interacting with the friends of the University, graduates, representatives of business and government. The money received from the management of the endowment, go to support various projects. For example, the Fund financed the publication of the dictionary of Siberian dialect synonyms, awards scholarships to talented students, supported the restoration project of a recreational zone of the Siberian Botanical garden. Now the capital of the Fund is 18.5 million.


Symbolically, the Forum of academic fundraising “Philanthropy: from the beginnings to the formation of traditions of modernity”, which brought together 350 participants from 25 regions of Russia, was held in TSU – the first Siberian University, built by the patrons. Names florinskogo V. M., Z. M. Cybulski, A. M. Sibiryakov, A. G. Stroganov, and other benefactors forever inscribed in the history of the University and are role models of the current patrons. Classic University, which began the era of the Siberian education, in 2018 prepares to celebrate its 140th anniversary.