Survey: how accessible education for children with disabilities in the regions?


Coordinating Council for children with disabilities under the Public chamber of the Russian Federation carries out monitoring of availability of education for children with disabilities, according to the portal “Miloserdie”. Ministry of education promises to take into account the results of this survey to improve the overall situation of education in the country.

This survey is anonymous. The results will be used to operate the state authorities of the Russian Federation and certain regions of the country. The survey is conducted in the framework of the constant monitoring of the Ministry of education and in connection with numerous appeals of parents.

The survey started long ago and already has its intermediate results. They were presented by the Chairperson of the coordinating Council for children with disabilities under the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Elena Klochko, reported on the organization’s website. “We collect information in order to obtain a reliable picture of how the regions complied with the education Act in respect of children with disabilities or disabilities, and relevant regulations, how satisfied with the provision of educational services parents as they assess their quality what are the main problems,” she said.


The education of children with disabilities in school. What is inclusive education and how to use it?

As the results of the survey, most parents of children with disabilities complain about the poor quality of the conclusions of psychological-medical-pedagogical Commission and implement its recommendations, as well as the lack of specialists, Tutors, psychologists, speech therapists, speech pathologists. Among the main factors that negatively affect the educational opportunities of children with disabilities, can identify a lack of motivation for educational institutions to accept children with disabilities because of funding without raising coefficient, as well as lack of personnel trained for work with such children.

“The Ministry of education is ready to work with the regions on the results of this survey on changing the situation. Efforts should be made to collect more data to strengthen your request, or label it. We have another week to transfer data to the MoE of the Russian Federation”, – says Elena Klochko.

To participate in the survey please follow the link.

We have previously reported that the Deputy Minister of labour and social protection of the Russian Federation Grigory Lekarev, in his speech at the headquarters of the UN said that over the past five years managed to achieve a significant shift in the availability of education for children with disabilities. During this time the number of schools available for the education of children with disabilities increased from 2% to 20%. In each Federal district of Russia also planned to create universities or University accessible to people with disabilities.

We also wrote about the fact that from 1 September 2016 in Russia came into force a new educational standard that all Russian schools will be guided in the learning process of children with disabilities. The main purpose of this standard is to ensure equal opportunities in education for children with various disabilities and the creation of optimal conditions for their learning process.