People with disabilities can become members of IKEA


In December, the national championship of professional skills for people with disabilities, Abilympics will appear Playground IKEA.


1 through 3 Dec 50 specially invited participants of the championship will visit the “assessment Centre” IKEA decorated by all the rules of the leader in the home improvement. “Assessment centre” will help to identify professional and leadership qualities of the candidates and check their focus on the customer. The best candidates will be invited for personal interviews, the results of which will be able to get a chance to become new employees of IKEA. Abilympics can also learn more about the company, its subsidiaries, operating principles, communicate with the staff of IKEA. In organization “assessment Centre” will take part about 50 employees and managers from different divisions: IKEA stores in the Moscow region, Central office, IKEA industry, organization of supplies.


This is not the first experience of IKEA in the championship. For the first time representatives of the company joined the Moscow regional tour, Abilympics in may 2017 as independent experts. IKEA employees in the competent jury followed the objectivity of the assessment of competition of professionals with disabilities in the competencies: “sale”, “psychology”, “web design”, “restaurant service”, “cooking”, “the furniture maker”. Experts also IKEA acted as speakers of the round table a presentation about the approach to diversity and inclusion at IKEA and told me how the company built working with people with disabilities. The global and atmosphere of the championship so impressed the representatives of the company that the decision was made to expand cooperation and create a platform IKEA on a National tour, Abilympics. The movement was joined by regional divisions of the company: Ufa, Kazan, Samara, Rostov, Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk.


In the approach to diversity and inclusion IKEA conducts staff training for work with people with disabilities. Special seminars and trainings employees receive the opportunity to experience what it means to be a person with disabilities. IKEA managers will learn how to organize your workplace and provide a comfortable working environment for employee with disabilities, learn to conduct trainings for candidates with disabilities. To prepare for the national tour of Abilympics together with the Center “Perspektiva” company organizes a workshop at which representatives from various organizations will share their experience of working with people with disabilities. This will allow managers to simplify the process of integration of people with disabilities in the staff of IKEA.


“We believe that it is useful to involve staff who are interested in the theme of inclusiveness, participation in such major events as Abilympics. It allows us to feel and understand that disability is not a sentence. People with disabilities very often have the highest competence and excellent skills. They can become valuable employees and achieve excellent results in exactly the same way as any other professionals. IKEA is ready to work with such people and make their work comfortable,” says will somestimes the chief of Department on work with staff of IKEA Belaya Dacha Elena Parfenova.


Today at IKEA Russia has more than 60 people with disabilities. Employees with disabilities are employed in most divisions of the company, excluding the places related to increased hazards to human health. IKEA is constantly looking for opportunities to expand recruitment of persons with disabilities: for example, infrastructure new stores are planned taking into account characteristics of employees in wheelchairs, and opening an online store has increased the number of remote jobs for candidates experiencing difficulties with movement.


“Creating jobs, we choose jobs that will be available to a wide range of candidates with disabilities, and those positions that they will be easier to start working in the company. On the other hand, we deliberately do not mark these jobs for people with disabilities, because we are open to any candidate who share our values. Regardless of the personal characteristics of all IKEA co-workers receive the same benefits and bonuses with the very first day in the company. We are for a unified approach for equal conditions and wages, and definitely for long-term employment”, – says Alexander Nagorny, a specialist in internal communications, Ambassador approach to diversity and inclusion at IKEA in Russia.