Onf activists in Tatarstan have held events on the occasion of the celebration of mother’s Day


Активисты ОНФ в Татарстане провели мероприятия по случаю празднования Дня матери

The activists of the popular front in Tatarstan mother’s Day held a festival in the family center “Golden key” in Kazan, and also acted as co-organizers of the charity concert “Mothers of special children”, the funds from ticket sales were donated to the children’s rehabilitation center “Sunny”.

In the family center “Golden key” held an interactive musical and educational feast. The event was attended by children, their parents, representatives of the popular front and the “Union of volunteers of Russia”. In the lobby of the family center was organized an exhibition of works “Portrait of mother”, exhibits were children’s drawings.

For guests of the festival were followed by interactive games, small theatrical play and dance together. While the kids made crafts “draw palm bouquet to my mom,” parents in the framework of the master class has created a DIY in the framework of the campaign “Make a snowman and give it to another.” Representatives of the Russian popular front made a speech in which he congratulated mothers on the occasion and presented them with a box of chocolates.

Member of the regional headquarters of the popular front Andrei Medvedev stressed the importance of such events. “Mom’s daily care for their children, give them a lot of time and effort. Children, including those already grown, should appreciate it,” – said Medvedev.

In addition, the activists of the popular front together with the charity Fund Narasyy, which is headed by a member of the regional headquarters of the popular front Zarina fayzrahmanova, held a charity variety show dedicated to mothers of special children. Collected from the sale of tickets funds were transferred to the rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities “sun”. The artists sang together with gifted children with disabilities on the same stage that, among other things, was a big support of young talents with disabilities.

Rehabilitation center plans to install salt room for conducting of rehabilitation of children with disabilities. Note that currently in Kazan, the existing “salt caves” operated exclusively on a commercial basis.

According to Faizrakhmanova, such rehabilitation procedure will have a positive impact on the health of children with disabilities. “In this room will create all conditions for comfortable pastime of children with disabilities. Besides the fact that the ions of the molecules of salt have a beneficial effect, the baby’s nervous system is calmed without the use of drugs. I hope soon we will be able to implement this project,” she said.