Charity project “Give food!” starts the action to the #Metromover


The project “Give food!”, which collects food for the needy, decided to engage in charity activities pupils. On 27 and 28 November in the two schools of Moscow, GBOU School № 1213 and GBOU Gimnaziya 1409 will be installed Boxing “Give food!”. For two days the pupils and their parents an accessible and understandable way to help people who are in difficult life situations.


The children can bring to school and put it in the box products in original packaging with a long shelf life. All collected food will be sent to families with many children, mothers and fathers who are single, disabled and pensioners.


If you liked the idea of this campaign, the organizers of the project “Give food!” can set a box to collect donations in your school, office, shop, shopping, recreation or business centre! Please send your applications to mail The project “Give food!” is already supported by such big companies like SAP, IBS, Coswell. They help a charity project intellectual volunteering tips, ideas, and even admitted their employees to good works in the offices of these companies are the pits “Give food!” and employees of firms every day to do good deeds to help the needy products.


Everyone who wants to participate in the charity, invited to one of the points of food collection. Boxes “Give food!” on a regular basis are 10 locations in Moscow:


1. The shopping center “Festival”, Tushinskaya str., 17 (metro Tushinskaya);

2. Ekomarket, Profsoyuznaya street, d. 126, korp. 3 (metro station “Konkovo”);

3. TRK “Pike”, Schukinskaya St., 42 (metro station “Schukinskaya”);

4. Supermarket “rainbow”, Goncharova str., 6 (metro station “Butyrsky”, “Timiryazevskaya” and “Ul. Milashenkova”);

5. Supermarket “rainbow”, Trifonovskaya str., 4 (metro station “Marina grove”, “Dostoevskaya” and “Mendeleevskaya”);

6. Dorogomilovsky market, ul mozhajskij Val, 10 (metro station “Kievskaya” and “Student”);

7. TC “Glider”, Glider str., 7 (metro station “Planernaya”), near the shop “Crossroads” and on the 3rd floor;

8. Broadcasting company “Novomoskovsk”, Moscow, street Habarova, d. 2 (metro station “Salarevo”);

9. OBEDBUFET BC “metropolis 1”

10. OBEDBUFET New Arbat, 15


Motion #Dedryvere was born in 2012 and became widespread in more than 100 countries. Goal #Medrogestone — combining NGOs, businesses, government agencies, action groups and individuals for promotion of charity.