The RBI and the Fund for “Future Leaders” choose the most talented pupils


RBI и фонд «Будущие Лидеры» выбирают самых талантливых школьников RBI и фонд «Будущие Лидеры» выбирают самых талантливых школьников 26 November 26, at the educational center of the Fund “Future Leaders” on the Italian street, took place in the case championship in the framework of the selection of participants in a joint charitable project Fund and the RBI “School of future leaders”.

20 teams of high school students competed in the decision of individual cases to develop a unique selling proposition to potential customers. m. Each of the team members tried on one of the proposed roles: designer, designer, economist and marketer. Due to the separation of roles, each participant received the opportunity to fully Express their individuality.

Based on the results of the case competition will be selected 30 most successful students who will be in the final stage of selection to the project. The winners will receive the opportunity to participate in unique educational programs developed by the RBI and the Foundation “Future Leaders”.

In the championship jury includes:
— Artem sheikin, adviser to the Governor on youth policy;

— Faith by Serezha’s, Director of strategic marketing at RBI;

Elena Belchinskaya, Director for information policy and PR RBI.

At the end of the event, the guys gladly shared their impressions. Most agree on one thing: participation in the project “School of future leaders” — a unique opportunity for each high school student is able to show their potential.

Information note:

“School of future leaders” is a joint educational project of one of the largest construction companies of St. Petersburg, RBI, and the Fund for “Future Leaders” aimed at supporting talented high school students.

Case (eng. case study — a case analysis) is a simulated situation requiring analysis and to find effective approaches to solving problems.

RBI construction holding, which implements projects of elite and commercial real estate.
Future leaders Fund to support talented youth.