Share “a letter for You” and the charity photo exhibition will be held in Barnaul


28 Nov opened a charity photo exhibition Barnaul Fund “Clouds” “Moment of life”. This event is timed to the world day of charity and action #Decrypting.

Were selected for the exhibition of the best works of photographers of the Fund for 3 years. And it’s not just pictures, it’s the moments of helping, moments of joy, moments when one encounters the mercy and hope is born.

Will open the exhibition in the gallery “Prospect” on November 28 at 18.00 the charity dinner.

The exhibition will be open daily from 10.00 to 20.00 and will continue until 5 December. Entrance to the exhibition is free. Everyone will be able to leave a donation in the houses-the piggy Bank Fund “Clouds” on the implementation of programs of assistance to poor and large families.

The exhibition will be a special offer “You a letter.”

Any person who wants to convey words of support, single mom, an orphan, a young child in a shelter or homeless, can come to a special table with paper and crayons, installed in the gallery, and write a letter to the wards of the Fund. In the letter you can tell your story of overcoming difficulties, to Express warm words of support and care.

To join this event and pass on their good news any day of the exhibition. After that, all the letters along with new year’s gifts will be delivered to its recipients.

A number of us have a lot of people who need help. And only together we can help them find hope for a better life and to feel that they are not alone.