Extreme trip in the wheelchair on the Kola Peninsula


November 20 launched the organization of the expedition “Hibiny – the White sea. Polar path”, which aims ― the development of inclusive tourism in Russia. Official website of the project www.zelenov.tilda.ws. The author of the initiative, Andrey Zelenov, traveler in a wheelchair and producer of the documentaries about the expeditions to Kola Peninsula.

Andrey tells about his plans: “People with disabilities are often not perceived by society as able to set themselves challenging goals and achieve them, especially in difficult climatic and geographical conditions. My social project aims to counter stereotypes about people with disabilities and show them the opportunity to be equal in the sphere of tourism”.

Andrew Zelenova 30 years. A disability of the 1st group, he’s in a wheelchair. Lives in Murmansk and is studying in rsupesy & t, majoring in “Organization of work with youth”. From 2014 to 2017 participated in several expeditions to the Kola Peninsula.

Expedition “Khibiny – the White sea. The Arctic way” is planned from 6 to 11 February 2018. It is an inclusive journey on the Kola Peninsula in the harsh climatic and geographical conditions – 600 km on a snowmobile for 6 days in a team of 8 people, which includes the team of Andrey Zelenova and 5 tourists.

As part of my journey Andrey and his team will also shoot a documentary film, which will be aimed at various Russian and international festivals. “The film about the expedition will be able to attract the attention of many people to the problems of professional development of people with disabilities, to motivate people with disabilities to set goals and overcome barriers, and become a bridge in the transition from wheelchair to inclusive tourism”, — says Andrey Zelenov. “I also plan to vlog about the preparation and implementation of our expedition. I hope people will be inspired by our journey, and these projects will be significantly more.”

Previously filmed the documentary “I’m a boat” on the journey, on the Terskiy Bereg of the White sea became the winner of international film festivals ― “the Northern character” in the nomination “Essay”, 2016, Murmansk and “Young Arctic” in the category “the Northern character”, 2017, Moscow.

The project is open to cooperation with corporate and media partners who are close to the position of availability of sports, tourism and active lifestyle for people with disabilities. The project partners have already made travel company “Kola expeditions”, which gave the organizers of the expedition piece of equipment, the Ministry of development of industry and entrepreneurship of Murmansk region. Information support for the project also has a Social room, TV – 21 and social inclusive project Everland, which is staffed by specialists with different types of disabilities.

On the project website wwwzelenov.tilda.ws can support the project of Andrey Zelenova word – leaving wishes to the team and to provide financial support, which is required for the purchase of equipment for the expedition, filming.

Contacts Andrew for the press and discuss partnerships +7 (977) 52 344 05, zelenov-2017@inbox.EN