Veterinary industry ready for the new rules of the game


Russian veterinary industry needs to create new rules that will allow the clinic provides quality veterinary care to significantly strengthen its position in the eyes of the consumer. To such conclusion the leading industry experts during the round table held in Moscow. The event was timed to the launch, the first Russian service of veterinary services, and online appointments.

The goal of the project PetStory is to provide information about services only real, recognized by the expert community clinics are ready to provide understandable for the user and transparent in its composition services.

The round table was attended by the President of the Association of veterinary practitioners Sergey Sereda, President of the Moscow Guild of veterinarians Alexander Tkachev and General Director of the veterinary clinic “biocontrol” Vladimir Vladimirovich Mitin.

Prior to the event, research center Tiburon Research conducted a survey[1] with the aim of identifying the key parameters of the interaction pet owners with veterinary clinics and visiting services. The latter became the subject of study because of the frequent cases of fraud when you call the specialists at home.

The results of the research, expert commentary, and a detailed description of the service PetStory given below.

The results of the survey

According to a study by Tiburon Research, the vast majority of owners were dissatisfied with the quality of veterinary services when you call the vet at home: results of treatment of pet are not satisfied 62,5%, its subsequent state (31.3 per cent) and the price of the visit (56.3 per cent). The explanation of the condition of the animal were not satisfied 37.5% of the cost of prescription drugs is 25%.

Pet owners (in most cases cats and dogs) often turn to the clinic in case of poor health of the animal (74,5%), for vaccination (47,1%) and only in half of the cases – to conduct regular routine inspection (52,1%).

Almost in 47.9% of cases, pet owners will spend a year on veterinary services 1001 to 5000 rubles, 26% of respondents – from 5001 to 10 000. In the first range of prices, as a rule, are common services such as immunizations and doctor, higher spending suggests that a specialist could visit as well and disease of an animal.

The survey revealed experience pet owners with the so-called call veterinary services, which are often hidden scammers who are licensed to provide veterinary services. With the operation of such services has faced nearly a third took part in the survey (27.7 per cent), 58.4 per cent had heard about such “clinics”, but personally have not experienced them.

Special attention deserves the fact that in total the doctor called 75,2% respondents, and only a quarter of the owners (24,8%) refused the offer by phone call at home. The main source of information on such clinics, the respondents named the Internet (39,4%) and the recommendation of friends (of 44.6%).

It is the Internet becoming the primary channel for receiving information about the clinics, resorting to fraudulent schemes of work. Sites such “outreach services” often found in the first search lines, and thus entice consumers.

Speaking about the choice of veterinarians, most pet owners admitted that they choose a clinic based on prior experience (35,6%), recommendations or opinions with friends and family (31%). In third place – the location of the clinic (18.6 per cent). While only a minimal number of respondents (7.1 percent) drew attention to the important criterion of choice of the clinic is a clear indication of the composition of services.

“The survey data reflect the real state in industry. Unfortunately, today, due to the lack of sufficient regulation and other factors still exist the preconditions for the emergence of fraudsters, whose activities are not aimed at providing assistance and benefits”, — said the President of Association of practising veterinarians Sergey Sereda. — Low level of knowledge of owners in the field of pet care also plays a role. Our shared task is to equip owners with the tools and knowledge to ensure the health and well-being of Pets”.

“The activities of unscrupulous itinerant veterinary services casts a shadow on the profession of veterinary surgeon. At the same time clinics running at the highest international standards, many in Russia, —continues the Director-General of the veterinary clinic “biocontrol” Vladimir Vladimirovich Mitin. One of the solutions must be innovative, running on industry-wide projects. In particular, the service PetStory, which can significantly increase the level of awareness of consumers about the hospitals services.”

About the project PetStory

PetStory – Russia’s first service to search veterinary services and online appointment. The site presents only reviewed the materials and real-life clinic (no outdoor service and private practitioners). One of the key benefits of the project – the possibility to compare the services of the clinic not only for the price and location, but also for its composition. This allows the user to obviously be sure of the transparency of services and pricing mechanisms.

“This is a unique project which has no analogues in our country. It’s intended to make caring for Pets more understandable and enjoyable for owners, says the development Manager of the project PetStory Catherine Dolgosheeva. We hope that the service will be able to contribute to the solution of common tasks for creating new rules of the game in the veterinary industry. That is why on our website you will find only proven clinic – do they really exist, have requested services at a specified price and, as a rule, belong to different professional associations”.

At the moment, PetStory represented more than 80 clinics in Moscow and the Moscow region; here you can find information on almost 90 veterinary services. The project plans to connect 200 of the Moscow clinics until the end of 2017, next year PetStory pariruet its development in the regions of the country.