Moscow hosted the tournament on mini-football “Sport” to support people with down syndrome


В Москве прошел турнир по мини-футболу «Спорт во благо» в поддержку людей с синдромом Дауна

19 November 2017, the complex LFK CSKA held a traditional autumn charity tournament on mini-football “SPORT”, initiated by the charitable Foundation “Syndrome of love” in support of people with down syndrome. The purpose of the tournament is to raise funds for the project “Football for hope”: teaching adolescents with down syndrome football. All in the game took part 14 teamsincluding 11 teams represented leading companies and 3 – parents of pupils of the Center of family support “downside Up”. Joint efforts managed to collect 1 280 000 rubles – for classes in football adolescents with down syndrome.

 В Москве прошел турнир по мини-футболу «Спорт во благо» в поддержку людей с синдромом Дауна

The tournament began with a long tradition – young people with down syndrome out of the players on the build before the event. Headed the judging panel Alexander Makhov – Dean of the faculty of physical culture of Russian state social University and a member of the Russian Paralympic Committee. The tournament, corporate teams took place over 5 hours, and until the last minute of the tournament remained intrigue: who will get the coveted winner’s Cup? The forces were equal, and in the ending there were two strong teams with same number of points. The winner was determined by the toss – the coin fell in favor of the team of OOO “eych-es-bi-si Bank (RR)”.

В Москве прошел турнир по мини-футболу «Спорт во благо» в поддержку людей с синдромом Дауна

In the course of the tournament was a friendly match team captains and guys with down syndrome. The victory was won by young football players with the score 3:0. Goals scored: Dasha Mukhanov, Stas Morucci and Ivan Novikov. All the boys are already for more than a year to attend football training Fund “downside Up” and “Syndrome of love.” Group football for people with down syndrome is organized in collaboration with the University and with the support of the international programme for the FIFA “Football for hope”. Head coach – Alexander Makhov.

Passions ran high not only on the field but in the stands. The fans supported the players, not the top of their lungs and hands. The gathered audience were also not left without attention and gifts: the title of “Best team of fans” was awarded to the team of BURGER KING Russia for their loud chants and ardent support of his team, second place was awarded to the fans of VISA.

Congratulations to all the participants for your open hearts and willingness to support people with down syndrome and their families! Thanks to the indifference of the parties, the children with down syndrome will continue to be engaged in love sport – football!

The winners of the spring tournament “SPORT” are:

1 place – LLC “eych-es-bi-si Bank (RR)”;

2nd place – OJSC “MegaFon”;

3 place – JSC “OTP Bank”.


Congratulations and thanks to all teams for participating:

Clifford Chance CIS Ltd; Boeing; BURGER KING Russia Baker & McKenzie – si-ay-es, limited; LLC “KDL DOMODEDOVO-TEST”; VTB 24 (JSC); NO ONE; VISA, as well as the commands of parents of students of the Foundation “downside Up”.

Congratulations Stepan Ushakov (company Clifford Chance CIS Ltd) in the nomination the Best defender”, Andrey Zhukov (public joint-stock company “MegaFon”) – “Best scorer”, Anton Fomin (the company “eych-es-bi-si Bank (RR)”) – “Best goalkeeper” and Alexander Kucherov (NO ONE) – “Virtuoso coinage”!

Thank the company for prizes and gifts to participants also for help in conducting the tournament:

OOO “PepsiCo holdings”, TSS, JSC “Kaspersky Lab”, LLC “Unilever Rus” Rexona, Axe, Group of companies “siehs Medika” of the Publishing group “Alpina”, coffee-shop chain Shokoladnitsa, JSC Group of companies “Medsi”, Moscow; OOO “Wurman international Moskou”.

We thank the team of referees under the leadership of Alexander Macha!


Thank you players, fans, guests, volunteers and spectators!


You are all Champions!