Volunteers OAO “Ulyanovskneft” visited the orphanage “Spring”


Волонтеры ОАО «Ульяновскнефть» посетили  детский дом «Родник»

Ulyanovsk. The employees of JSC “Ulyanovskneft”, a subsidiary of mining company of OJSC NK “RussNeft”, included in the PFG Safmar Mikhail Gutseriev, in the framework of the charitable action “helping Hand” visited the orphanage-boarding school for mentally retarded children “Rodnik” in the village Maksimovka.

The volunteers brought the children toys and facilities for creative, necessary hygiene products, as well as by special request the young pupils of the boarding school bright hair clips and hair bands.

Children’s house-boarding school for mentally retarded children “Rodnik” is one of the oldest social institutions in Ulyanovsk region. Here come the children with a diagnosis of moderate mental retardation, severe mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and children forever bedridden.

It is worth noting that all the gifts were purchased with funds raised by the employees of JSC “Ulyanovskneft” in the framework of the action “helping Hand”, which is regularly held at the enterprise. Providing support to orphanages and boarding schools, Ulyanovsk oilmen strive to improve the quality of life of orphans with disabilities.