UC RUSAL announces the start of the new year’s marathon “Believe in miracles, we create the miracle!”


Moscow, November 20, 2017 – UC RUSAL (trade code on the Hong Kong stock exchange 486, Euronext RUSAL/RUAL, Moscow exchange RUAL), the world’s largest aluminium producers, announces the launch of VII new year’s charity marathon “Believe in miracles, we create the miracle!”.

The event will be held from 20 November to 28 December in 20 cities and towns of Russia and Ukraine: Achinsk, Bratsk, Boksitogorsk, Volgograd, Kamensk-Ural, Kandalaksha, Krasnoturinsk, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Mikhailovskoye, Moscow, Nadvoitsy, Nikolaev, Novokuznetsk, village of Novosemeykino, Samara region, Krasnoyarsk, Sochi, Severouralsk, village of Taiga in Krasnoyarsk region and Shelekhov.

The marathon is aimed at the development of corporate volunteering in the cities where the company operates and to support social, educational, cultural institutions, nonprofit organizations, large and needy families, orphanages, shelters, sick children, lonely elderly people and veterans.

Only in 2017 will be attended by 150 teams of corporate and city-wide volunteers, including the team’s partners – nonprofit organizations, social and educational institutions, large and medium-sized businesses, administrations of cities and towns.

The virtual “headquarters” of the referendum in 2017 will become the social network Vkontakte. In the group of the Center of social programs of RUSAL created event “new year marathon “Believe in miracles, we create the miracle!”. This will be the main venue for the registration of teams – participants of the Christmas marathon, publish reports, and to track all relevant information of the project. In addition to organized teams in the marathon will be able to participate and individual citizens, joining the new year’s eve flash mob of good deeds.

“This year we are changing the format of the Christmas marathon “Believe in miracles, we create the miracle!” giving up some less important activities in favor of increasing the amount of the prize Fund, and thus charitable donations to good causes in 2018. Nice to know that now in its seventh year, the project does not lose relevance and interest of the participants increases. Every time we observe how the marathon becomes an impetus for those companies who embark on the path of corporate volunteering and after the marathon continue to be engaged in supporting the social enterprises we met during the pre-Christmas weeks,” says Vera Kurochkina, Deputy CEO of RUSAL.

One of the features of the Christmas marathon this year will be the School Christmas volunteers for their teams, which will be held before the main competition phase. School starts on 20 November and will run in each city the first week – until 26 November. Coaches will tell you what to pay attention when interacting with children, as not to be lost in communicating with people with disabilities, what to say to retirees.

Participating teams, which for the marathon will recruit the maximum number of points will receive cash certificates up to 300 thousand rubles, which in 2018 will be channeled to charity. The total prize Fund in 2017 significantly increased and will reach 3.5 million rubles.


New year marathon “Believe in miracles, we create the miracle!” RUSAL in 2016, attracted a record number of teams across the country – 160. Almost one third of them participated in the project for the first time. During the marathon, more than 1 thousand events, including charity fair, which collected almost 900 thousand roubles. The funds collected were donated to charities, hospitals, social service agencies, as well as those who address need of financial assistance. In just six years, the marathon brought together more than 10 thousand volunteers, who were sold over 5 thousand good deeds in 24 cities and towns of Russia and Ukraine.