To understand and to legitimize the mission of the museums


Осознать и узаконить миссию музеев

At the Hermitage theatre in the framework of the VI St. Petersburg international cultural forum held a General meeting of the Union of museums of Russia. President of the Union was re-elected the General Director of the State Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky, its powers are extended until 2021. As a result of open voting, the candidacy of Mikhail Borisovich unanimously chose 216 representatives of museums in the country.

The meeting formulated the relation of the Museum community to the existing approach of the government to implement cultural policy. Participants recognized inadmissible and dangerous the growing trend of information, the essence of the Museum’s activities to “the provision of services on organization of recreation and entertainment” and, as a consequence, sequential squeezing of the museums sector in the free market.

Осознать и узаконить миссию музеев

In the adopted statement to the media of the Union of museums of Russia said that the results of the Museum’s activities can’t be measured in rubles and millions of visitors. “Labor rate” for the study of Museum collections, restoration of exhibits, working with people who came to the Museum, the “standards” of attendance, the acquisition of unique equipment to the highest bidder the principle of “take what is cheaper”, dozens of reporting forms, – all this is today’s reality, creating endless difficulties for Museum activities that distort its essence.

To think that museums (as well as the theatres, library or Philharmonic) was established to “ensure the execution of the functions of the Ministry of culture”, as it follows from the current legislation, is not just absurd, but dangerous to society.

Any Museum, regardless of the subject of collecting and study, size and location – is created to preserve the historical memory of the people, to preserve and broadcast narutoepisode system of values.

Осознать и узаконить миссию музеев

The task of the authorities to create the necessary conditions for the implementation of the museums of their social mission, realizing that this is what they created to support the activities of museums, and not Vice versa.

The Union of museums of Russia joined the initiative of the Union of theatrical figures of the Russian Federation about the need for a substantial upgrade of the state cultural policies and consolidate these changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation.