The network has raised money for a home for a veteran who waited for the new housing is 42 years old


This charity, started by enthusiasts were given the opportunity to build a new home for the 90-year-old war veteran Valentine Makhalina in Yaroslavl. A single pensioner lived in a crumbling house, and for 42 years was in the queue for housing.

As reported in the Facebook group created to assist the veteran, currently a prefabricated house on his land has already been built, is collecting money to finish. The total amount of collected and spent funds on November 16, was about 225 thousand rubles.

Informed volunteers removed debris from site Valentine Makhalina, and built on it a barn.

The reason for the start of the campaign assistance was a report in the local media in may 2017 on the plight of a veteran living in the grown earth and rotting house, which is annually flooded by melt water, without heating, gas and water. At the same time to go to a nursing home Valentin Mahalin flatly refuses.