Gifts for the anniversary of the Chinese Palace


Подарки к юбилею Китайского дворца

In July 2018 marks 250 years since the completion of the unique monument of Russian culture of the Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum, one of the brightest creations of the famous architect Antonio Rinaldi. Cooperation agreement between JSC “Gazprom” and the State Museum-reserve “Peterhof”, signed in the framework of the VI St. Petersburg International cultural forum, provides that in the anniversary year the company will open after the restoration of the three rooms of the Palace: a Study of Paul, Damask bedchamber and Boudoir, thus visitors will be available for 12 rooms!

Document at a business forum in the Russian ethnographic Museum was signed by General Director of OOO “Gazprom transgaz Saint-Petersburg” Georgy Fokin, representing Gazprom, and CEO of GMZ “Peterhof” Elena Kalnitskaya. Thanking the company, it stressed that its assistance has enabled the state Museum “Peterhof” to act as the ideologist and the customer of the restoration of this authentic monument of the XVIII century. “Restoration is a complex, multistep process, which is associated with doubts, discoveries, findings, which is always fraught with creativity. Signed a cooperation agreement means that this is now jubilee way, we’ll go together. You will see exhibitions, a new exhibition, book projects, most of which is supported by the Gazprom Group.

Подарки к юбилею Китайского дворца

According to Georgy Fokin, PJSC “Gazprom” as a socially oriented company cares about the preservation of cultural and historical heritage of the Motherland, so such a significant object like a Chinese Palace, a real jewel of the Oranienbaum, could not remain without attention . “Our cooperation in this field for 10 years and we will certainly continue this work, to meet adequately the anniversary of the Chinese Palace”, he said.

Cooperation of OJSC “Gazprom” and state Museum “Peterhof” began in 2007. The first phase of restoration of the Chinese Palace was completed in September 2011 to mark the 300th anniversary of Oranienbaum. Then opened the first four rooms of the Eastern part of the Palace — a Large Antechamber, the Hall of the Muses, the legendary Blue room and the Cabinet. Restoration is carried out with the financial support of JSC “Gazprom” (the operator of the project — OOO “Gazprom transgaz Saint-Petersburg”) and the German company BASF. During the cooperation of the most varied and complex of work: reconstruction of underground, laying of engineering networks, restoration of type-setting parquets, wall panels and mosaic tables Glass-bead room, landscaped grounds of the Palace. In 2015 completed the second stage of restoration, which was presented to the visitors Dressing room, Front and Pink living room, and in 2016-m opened the Big hall.

Подарки к юбилею Китайского дворца

The “Russian Maecenas” repeatedly talked about such a long and harmonious cooperation of the company and the Museum. For example, “Fun toy of the Empress” (pp. 62-65), “And again in the Palace” (pp. 44-49).

Photo: Evgeny Shcherbakov