The scientist announced the continuation of experiments to transplant the head


Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero said the progress in development of technology of transplantation of the head man. According to him, the corresponding operation on the body was successfully produced in China.

“The first transplant carried out on the corpse. The next step will be to transplant a head from a donor with was the death of the brain” — his words TASS with reference to The Telegraph.

As reported by Canavero, the operation was conducted by doctors from the medical University in Harbin, under the leadership of surgeon Shen Xiaoping. “The operation took 18 hours. In 2015, I argued that it will take 36 hours, but the Chinese managed to halve this period,” he said, promising that the details of the experiment will be announced in the near future.

Earlier to become the first patient to have undergone transplantation of the head, agreed Russian programmer Valery Spiridonov, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy. But then the operation was postponed indefinitely due to lack of money, and because of distrust of medical institutions to the proposed methodology and its author.

Of the intention to make transplantation of a human head Sergio Canavero said in the beginning of 2015. The proposal met criticism of a number of specialized professionals. In their opinion, the main danger here with the inability of efficient splicing of nerve endings, which in the best case, lead to paralysis. It was reported and confirmed about the absence of successful animal experiments.

“Now the transplant surgery of the head is a gamble. It is not excluded that in the future it will be possible, but not now. At the moment, not solved the issues on restoration, regeneration lost body parts organs. As long as regeneration of the spinal cord will not be possible, it is difficult to talk about head transplant,” — said in the summer of 2016, the chief doctor of the Institute of emergency care Sklifosovsky Anzor Khubutia.

Also the possibility of transplantation raises many doubts in the ethical permissibility of such procedures and the possible consequences for the successful development and wide application of this technology. Canavero himself in 2015, said the correspondent of “KP” that the ultimate goal of his experiments is the achievement of physical immortality of man.

Transplant head lay because of lack of money and distrust of clinics