International film festival about life of people with disabilities “CINEMA WITHOUT BARRIERS” will be held in Saint-Petersburg


When: November 24-25 2017
Where: Studio “ORK” (United Russian studios)” (G. Sankt-Petersburg, street of General hruleva., 9A)

Regional public organization of people with disabilities “Perspectiva” and the charity Fund “System” are invited for the international film festival about life of people with disabilities “Cinema without barriers” in St. Petersburg. At this event the viewers will see the best picture of the festival from different years, discuss movies with renowned filmmakers and understand the lives of those people we used to surround stereotypes, really rich and interesting, and therefore the history of each of them – unique! The festival is organised under the auspices of St. Petersburg international cultural forum, in honor of the 20th anniversary of “Perspective“. All screenings will be free of charge.

“Cinema without barriers” – is unique to our country film festival, which not only focus on the problems or successes of people with disabilities, and show real stories of overcoming barriers within and around us. In 15 years of existence of festival 700 films from 55 countries saw more than 20,000 spectators. The chairmen of the jury in different years were Vladimir Menshov, Aleksandr Mitta, Aleksandr Veledinsky, Andrei Eshpai , and other eminent Directors.

The festival is held every two years in Moscow and then throughout the year in other regions of Russia are screenings “Echo of the festival”. In November of last year in Moscow was held the VIII “Cinema without barriers”. And in 2017, his films were seen by inhabitants of more than 20 cities of Russia: Krasnoyarsk, Kirov, Murmansk, Rostov-on-don, Stavropol, etc., and now, thanks to the support of the Charity Fund “System” and United Russian studios (part of AFK “System”), regional screenings will be completed in the cultural capital of Russia – Saint-Petersburg, under the auspices of St. Petersburg International cultural forum.

The Russian viewers will see the serious and funny, touching and instructive, inspirational and even controversial of the story of people with disabilities from the UK, France, Ireland, Germany, Russia and other countries of the world. Within two days the audience will enjoy a rich program: 19 best films about people with disabilities (including the winner of the VIII international film Festival “Cinema without barriers” “Patrick’s Day” (Ireland), the popular “1+1” (France), recently published in wide release “Pineapple” (Russia), etc.), discussion of the paintings of actors and Directors, presentations of honorary guests of the festival (representatives of the authorities of the city of St. Petersburg, the heroes presented at the festival of films) round tables “People with disabilities in the media industry, cinema and theater” and “Autism”, the solemn closing ceremony of the Festival and concert program.

Special guests of the festival will be the Directors and performers of the main roles of the movies-participants: Directors Richard Allen, ray Jacobs (“Bastion”), Sarah moon Howe (“Complex kangaroo”), Richard Heinz, actress Anita Hollander, dancer Chris Fonseca – the hero of the picture (“Chris Fonseca, street dancer”) and others.

And for the young audience film festival will be presented to the children’s program, whose purposeto acquaint children with the characteristics of people with disabilities, to show the different aspects of their lives and eventually to develop in children a positive attitude towards those who are at first glance different from them. The guys are waiting for documentary, feature and animated films and discussion, a concert program, master classes.

“The task of cinema to touch people. – the Director of ROOI Perspektiva Denis Rosa. – I wish the movie touched viewers for live and changed them, breaking the stereotypes imposed on them in relation to people with disabilities. I think this process is started: if the first festivals came to us mostly spectators, the theme of disability has been personally affected, now the film festival audience is very different.”

“Key activities of the charity Fund “System” are, on the one hand, support of culture and art, and on the other the development of the social environment, including work with public perception of disability, — says the President of the Charity Fund “System” Anna Yanchevskaya. – All of the films will be shown at the film Festival, made at a very high professional level, they really break down barriers.”

A unique program, high-quality movies, socially active and creative participants – all this film Festival about life of people with disabilities “Cinema without barriers” in St. Petersburg! Join the event on 24-25 November in the Studio “ORK”!

A detailed programme of screenings can be found on the website.
Free registration to the event.

Accreditation:, 89167886789.

For reference:
ROOI “PERSPECTIVE” founded in 1997. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities to achieve full inclusion in all spheres of society. The organization provides legal support for people with disabilities, helping them with employment, promoting inclusive education, engaged in the support and socialization of children and adolescents with disabilities.

Since 2002 an important part of activities of “Perspective” — international film festival “Cinema without barriers”. In different years this event was supported by: Vladimir Menshov, Andrei Eshpai, Alexander Mitta, Algis Arlauskas, Tatiana Arno, Elena Pogrebizhskaya, Irina Latina, Vic, Andrey Raikin, Vladimir Gerchikov, and others.

Charity Fund “Sistema”, created in 2004 with participation of a Group of AFK “System” – the main operator of the charitable activities of the donor companies that are members of the Corporation. The key activities of the Foundation is to support modern engineering education, the development of the social environment and volunteering, new technologies for education.