Flashmob “high five!” in honor of the 5th anniversary of the Fund “Galchonok”


The first anniversary of the charitable Fund “Galchonok” turned into a flash mob, supported by many friends of the Foundation

November 14, in honor of the 5th anniversary of the Fund “Galchonok” has launched a holiday campaign on its own crowdfunding platform galchonok.help: anyone can donate any amount as a gift and congratulations to the Fund. The collected funds will be used to Fund programmes.

The festival was supported by the friends and Foundation launched a flash mob of “high five!” all day in the social. networks out posts and videos that have been both a congratulations and an invitation to take part in the action. Due to this half the desired amount was collected in one day! In the flash-mob was also attended by the star friends and Trustees of the Fund “Galchonok” Julia Peresild, Dmitry Khrustalev, Peter nalitch, Timur Rodriguez.

Olga Zhuravskaya, founder and President of the Fund “Galchonok”: “Specially to this date we have prepared a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqsiUWBs904 which shows the path of the Foundation in numbers. There is something that is left over for collected for five years 115 million rubles worth of painstaking systematic work, overcoming himself and the situation, victories and defeats, and incredible circumstances, almost equivalent to miracles. But despite the difficulties, we sought up. From the Fund, which paid for rehabilitation, we have grown into a Fund that engages in sophisticated processes, in particular inclusive education and antibilingual project “Persecution. Net.”, and entering a new stage of development with the slogan “Equally different”. After all this time also grew our responsibility – if in 2012 we had 30 wards, now they are already 30 times more. And we think about where our wards study after treatment”.

To accept congratulations always nice, so the flash mob will last until December 1! Everyone can congratulate the Fund on the day of birth, joining the festive action on the platform galchonok.help or posting a post in the SOC. networks with reference to the action http://www.galchonok.help/product/держи-пять-благотворительному-фонду/.

In addition, the support of the Foundation can run its own campaign on the platform galchonok.help back to back with the significant event of your life: birthdays, wedding, births, or other memorable date. After all, to help easy and fun, and we did it, the main thing is not to stop!

The past year was both difficult and interesting, and crucial: “Galchonok” grown up, the total number of our wards in 4 years increased to 680, thanks to our partners, volunteers, private and corporate benefactors, we were able to provide children with timely treatment and rehabilitation, and we are actively developing an inclusive direction.”