Russia was a drug for the treatment of severe forms of multiple sclerosis


В России зарегистрирован препарат для лечения тяжелых форм рассеянного склероза


Russia has become the ninth country in the world where the approved use of the drug Acrivos (ocrelizumab), the press service of the pharmaceutical company Roche. Akrivos is the first and currently the only drug with proven efficacy for the treatment of primary-progressive MS, a particularly severe form of the disease. Acrivos also showed good results in the treatment of relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis.

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis live about 150 thousand Russians, of which 10-15% suffers from primary progressive form of the disease is severe and often lead to disability. In 2008 multiple sclerosis included in the state program “Seven nosologies”, but patients with primary progressive form of the disease up to the present time receive no treatment in the programme as for its treatment, there were no medicines.

Today we are pleased to announce the registration in the Russian Federation a unique drug that will significantly slow down the progression of the disease, and thus to improve the quality and life expectancy of people with multiple sclerosis – said General Director of Roche in Russia Nenad Pavletic.

Ocrelizumab was developed by Genetech company, owned by Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche. In Russia, the drug was earlier than in EU countries. In March 2017 Akrivos was approved by the food and drug USA (FDA). The portal Fiercepharma called Akrivos “most anticipated blockbuster,” says the magazine Vademecum.

During clinical trials ocrelizumab demonstrated efficacy in patients with recurrent multiple sclerosis on three main criteria of disease activity: it reduced the frequency of relapses, slowed the progression of disability and significantly reduced lesions on MRI. On the background of the use of the drug in patients was not recorded deterioration in walk, 43% had no evidence of disease progression.

Good results ocrelizumab showed in the treatment of relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis. When conducting clinical studies with its use in 48% of patients lacked clinical and radiological signs of the disease and exacerbation could occur once in 8-9 years.

– Until recently with this type of MS disease was not pathogenetic therapy with proven efficacy. Today, thanks to check drug Russian patients have the opportunity to delay the progression of disability and to realize his plan: to build a career, create a family and have a normal quality of life, – said the President of the Russian Committee of researchers of multiple sclerosis Alexey Boyko.

In the Russian office of Roche reported that the cost of treatment with the use of Ochreous during the year will cost about 20 thousand euros (1.4 million rubles).

We hope that all patients who are suitable for innovative therapy, it will be provided in the shortest possible time, because in our country the registration of the drug does not mean it is automatically accessible to the public,– said the Director of the Russian public organization of disabled patients with multiple sclerosis, Jan Vlasov. – Therefore, our task is to reduce the time between registration and the actual availability of therapy for patients. This is especially critical for people with primary-progressive multiple sclerosis who are waiting can cost too much.