In Ufa incapacitated girl with disabilities were sterilized without her knowledge


A gynecologist from 13 of the city hospital of Ufa Irina Milman is accused of causing of heavy harm to the health of the patient, according to the STRC “Bashkortostan”. She had surgery to sterilize incapacitated girl with a disability, having received the written consent of her guardian, although the girl consent to the operation is not allowed.

The consequence insists that the gynecologist caused serious harm to the health of the patient, depriving her of the opportunity to have children. Colleagues physician indicate that the girl has a mental abnormality and the operation was carried out for her own good, to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Such operations, according to doctors, are held quite often and are ordinary procedure. This operation can be performed for medical reasons to save the patient’s life or the person himself consents to it. In this case there was no threat of life of the patient and she did not consent to the operation.

Sterilization of an incapacitated person in some cases can be carried out without his knowledge, but it takes a court decision. No decision of the court was not. In the papers signed by the guardian of an incapacitated girl with a disability. Irina Milman decided that this signature would be sufficient.

The head physician of the hospital calls Irina Milman a qualified professional, which made a legal error. He explained that the patient declared incompetent by a court and the decision on sterilization took her guardian, who supposedly cared about the future of their ward.

Chief obstetrician-gynecologist of Ministry of health RB Indira Sakhautdinova notes that the diagnosis of the patient – mental disorder and he has certain characteristics, which explains the motif of the guardian. “So she was protecting her from unwanted pregnancies. At that time, and the guardian can be wrong. says Sakhautdinova. – The professionalism of the doctor in this situation there is no doubt. Doctor of the highest category in many ways had surgery. Here is the question of legitimacy”.

Consideration of this business in the near future will begin in the Central court of Ufa. “The state prosecution believes that the criminal case materials contain a sufficient amount of evidence against the defendant,” said senior assistant Prosecutor of Kalininsky area of Ufa Maria abushkina. The lawyer accused intends to request a review by a panel of judges.