At the airport of Barnaul appeared ambulift


В аэропорту Барнаула появился амбулифт


Service for passengers with disabilities at the airport of Barnaul will now be done using outpatient a lift, the press service of the airport. A special car with a closed up cabin provides a comfortable and secure fit on Board people with disabilities, including wheelchair users.

Ambulift, which appeared in Barnaul airport, is a car chassis on which is fixed a closed cabin, which can be raised and lowered thanks to the scissor mechanism. The car also has front and rear lifting platform.

The machine is equipped with sensors that stop between the cab and a work compartment, has intercom, a platform lift has an alarm attached. Cab released without stabilizers is blocked. If during the movement of the cab occurs an obstacle, the system will stop her. All this makes the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers with disabilities comfortable and safe.

Out-patient lift is designed to service passengers with various disabilities, including wheelchair users, as well as for transportation passengers on stretchers.

В аэропорту Барнаула появился амбулифт


Previously, we reported that the Russian aviation authorities prepare amendments to the Air code and other documents, the purpose of which is to improve services for people with disabilities in air transport. The changes will affect service rules this category of passengers at airports and other transport objects.

In 2016, the Federal air transport Agency has developed a plan to equip airports with special equipment for servicing the disabled passengers. This plan was sent to all airports of Russia. However, he did not have the nature of a regulatory act, and was of a recommendatory nature. According to representatives of the Federal air transport Agency, is currently preparing amendments to the Air code, which will acquire the status of a normative legal act and are binding in all airports of the country.