The expert of the Moscow competition of subsidies: the losing designs – “the happening”


Catherine Mahankova consultant in the field of accounting and taxation of NGOs, said the portal Miloserdie a few questions about the competition of grants of the public relations Committee of Moscow (CBS), where she participates in the evaluation of bids.

— I evaluate the competition projects KOS is not the first year. Clearly, the competition is changing for the better, today he is one of the most enjoyable for an expert here is a very qualitative study of filings by the organizers at the preliminary stage, a very convenient interface to work on the competition website. Here is introduced a clear and accessible assessment criteria.

Increased over time whether the expertise of participants?

— Receives requests very high quality – but there are also weaknesses. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the competition come the new members of the young organization and does not yet have sufficient experience. The quality is higher in those NGOs, which work for a long time. NPOs, respectively, becomes more and projects of different levels of preparedness.

Is it true the view that the NCO is primarily activists, enthusiasts, which can be difficult to cope with such issues as accounting?

— Absolutely wrong. I am working with NGOs since the early 90-ies, and see that from the point of view of budgeting and planning, they often head and shoulders above commercial organizations, more competent. Their leadership has to solve a very wide range of issues to understand and in law and in Finance and accounting including.

— What do you tell the contest participants during training sessions?

— There is, first, the exchange of views on the preparation of proposals, budgets, reporting. Basically we are talking about the latest amendments to the legislation and most often it is narrowly vocational issues. In particular on the status of funds provided to the winners, about the distinction of grants from donations, which was used to working with NGOs.

— What you need to prepare good application?

— Need a good project. If you have a good idea, and the organization understands what she’s doing, the application of good. If you are trying for the project to tighten its current activity, the more often the application gets rejected.

— What projects of the past years seem especially interesting and important for the city, which the least useful?

— Was a very nice social projects, such as “Mom works” – an organization of employment for women on maternity leave. Very good, albeit small, projects for homeless animals. Was a very interesting projects related to the hospices. The losing project – “rave”: conferences, seminars. They give nothing for the city.

To follow all developments and news of the Contest of subsidies is available in the Online diary Competition, where it also published interviews with experts and organizers, videos, and other useful information.