Exhibition Irina Baklanova again held in Moscow


In Moscow began the jubilee retrospective exhibition of works by Irina Baklanova — talented artist who was able to return to work after a serious injury. The exhibition, called “Life after life”, can be seen until November 22 at the Central house of the artist.

After the accident, which happened in 2004, Irina spent six months in a coma. Since then, she cannot walk and has lost coherence of speech — says only a few words. But the artist recognizes and distinguishes between individuals and may Express their feelings, including — in the figure.

“See that now, Irina has become more difficult to draw, — said earlier the portal Miloserdie artist Elena Gerchuk. — Perhaps because of the trauma she sees the world differently than before, I’m not a doctor and can not say, only that noticeable in pictures: shifting perspectives, the distortion of proportions, but it preserved the artistic techniques.

Look in the pencil drawings, the same colored sky, the shimmer and the tides, which in the works from the exhibition. A noticeable change in the material and partly of equipment. But I don’t see what has changed the identity of the artist. Discussing current pictures of Irina all make huge allowances for her illness. The drawings I don’t see it. Artist are not ill”.

The exhibition, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Irina Baklanova, will feature 32 paintings from private collections, created by the artist before the accident.

“To visit this exhibition, we can advise everybody, told the portal Miloserdie the organizer Oksana Ermolaeva. — The exhibition is very beautiful and picturesque. Irina Baklanova — tsvetovik, colorist, her paintings will be clear to viewers of any age.”

At present, the exhibition in the Central house of artists already in operation, but the official opening, which will attend and the author of works is scheduled for 16.00 on Saturday, November 18.

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