Doctor on trial for the illegal sterilization of incapacitated


In Ufa, began the trial of the head of the gynecology Department of one of city hospitals. 57-year-old Irina Milman accused of illegal conduct over the girl with the psychiatric diagnosis of the operation, which has deprived the victim of the ability to have children.

“According to investigators, in July 2015, in the gynecology Department asked the guardian of an incapacitated girl to conduct her medical sterilization, — have informed in Republican office of public Prosecutor.

In accordance with the law, carry out such an operation against may be made only by court order. Despite the absence of a court document, head of the Department instructed the surgeon to be sterilized, and she assisted him.”

The girl suffered serious bodily injury resulting in the loss of authority of its functions, explained prosecutors. According to them, during the preliminary investigation, the doctor refused to admit his guilt.

Charged with criminal negligence, recklessly causing serious harm to human health, it can be sentenced to forced labor or imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

Whether the victim lived in a family where her guardian could be someone from relatives or in a boarding school where the guardian is the institution itself that represent its employees, was not specified.

“This is a blatant case, it is necessary to praise the local Prosecutor’s office, commented on the message about the beginning of the process portal Miloserdie the head of the Society for the support of parents with disabilities and their families “Katyusha”. member OP the Moscow Natalya Prisetskaya. — I don’t know how they found out about the incident, but the fact that they did not leave it without attention, very important.”

According to her, it is also important that in such a situation, the responsibility incurred not only a doctor but also a guardian, offered to conduct an illegal operation. “I think about these demonstration trials have more to say, to make people understand that they have no right to take such decisions”, — said the expert.

Another important problem associated with such situations — the absence at the Federal and regional levels special programs-reproductive examinations and consultations, examination for diseases, including cancer, for women with mental disorders. “It is imperative that women with such diagnoses, including the disabled, regularly passed the examination and received advice and support,” said Natalia Prisetskaya.

Has repeatedly received public publicity and became a cause for litigation cases of forced sterilization and the encouragement of abortions of women living in psychoneurological boarding schools. So, in 2010, was sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended Director of the Ozersky STUMPS in the Perm region, sent to forced abortions and sterilization of the three wards women. In 2011, the patient STUMPS the Volga in the Volgograd region has managed to restore viability, and the court to collect from companies for the operation that made her sterile, compensation of half a million rubles.