A bill to promote the employment of persons with disabilities approved in the first reading


The state Duma approved in first reading a government draft Federal law concerning accompanied by the promotion of employment of persons with disabilities. The relevant amendments are proposed to the current law on employment.

The reason for the preparation of innovations in the Ministry of labor cited the low efficiency of employment of disabled persons, and it without restrictions for a specific person.

In particular, the project proposes to impose on the employment service at the request of the disabled person to assist him in finding employment “taking into account the information contained in the individual program of rehabilitation or habilitation, about available disability the disability, and shows (contraindicated) types of work”.

“Institutions of medico-social examination, in extracts from individual programs of rehabilitation of invalids sent to the employment service, will provide information on the agreement invalid the appeal of the initiative of specialists of the employment service to him directly,” – said the Deputy head of the Ministry Grigory Lekarev.

The bill also stipulates the functions of services to promote employment in the regions, including, in particular, the organization of training for the unemployed disabled, assisting them in the formation of the route to the place of work, support employment promotion, including the provision of a mentor, etc.

The fact that in this direction a movement is a good start, said Miloserdie member of the Advisory Board under the government of the Russian Federation Elena Klochko. — Another thing is that we expect more movement in that part which concerns the maintenance in the course of employment.

Previous employment of disabled people has shown that without support in the process, a significant portion of them after some time leaves created jobs for them, said the expert.

“In the understanding of relevant NGOs support is absolutely necessary at the beginning of employment. To be built-in the staff realized what was going on, learned the technological operations, and so on,” explained Elena Klochko.

According to her, in Russia could be replicated by the experience of Germany in this area – there is a developed system of professional training of persons with disabilities, and after a job is granted to the curators to accompany the person with a disability as long as he does not fit in at the workplace.