The Ministry of labor approved the methodology for identifying discrimination in employment of persons with disabilities


The Ministry of labour and social protection of population of the Russian Federation issued the order on approval of methodological recommendations on identifying signs of disability discrimination in matters of employment. This document describes the factors of both direct and indirect discrimination against people with disabilities in their employment and professional activities.

Recommendations developed to provide guidance to state employment agencies, employers, educational institutions, professional societies and other organizations to identify and eliminate possible cases of discrimination of persons with disabilities in employment. In developing the recommendations are based on basic legal acts regulating the protection of people with disabilities from discrimination.

The document draws attention to the fact that there may be cases of both direct and indirect discrimination against people with disabilities in employment and the performance of their professional duties. Direct discrimination is reflected in the denial of hiring and promotion, not connected with business qualities of the person with disability, in vocational guidance and training, and employment for low-skilled and low-paid jobs. Indirect discrimination is the presentation of requirements, which are formally the same for all, but put the person with disabilities in an unequal position with other employees.

The main forms of discrimination of people with disabilities in employment and working life are:

  • denial of employment on the basis of disability;
  • the presentation at the employment of redundant requirements not related to employment and to exclude people with disabilities from the number of potential applicants for the position or work place;
  • the lack of access to information about vacancies, tenders, vacant positions and available jobs, including the allocated quota, the unavailability of the official websites of the employer for the visually impaired and hearing impaired;
  • failure to comply with the recommendations of YPRES followed in promoting the employment of persons with disabilities or refusal of transfer to another job, if recommended in the IRP;
  • the failure in the adaptation of the territory and premises and equipment of workplaces for employees with disabilities;
  • failure to comply with labor laws to create the necessary working conditions;
  • failure to render aid in the organization of labor activities at home and in remote form;
  • dismissal on grounds of disability.

If a person with a disability believes that the employer has violated his right to work, he or his legal representative may apply in writing or in electronic form at the state labour Inspectorate in the subject of the Russian Federation or through the site onlinespiele.of the Russian Federation with the requirement to verify the organization or company on compliance with labour laws. Labor inspection you can also send an appeal about the violation of labour legislation in relation to the person with the disability or leave it on the site onlinespiele.of the Russian Federation.