In Moscow of a violation in Parking lots for disabled persons can capture with a mobile application


Users of mobile applications “Assistant of Moscow” will be able to fix the violations for Parking spaces for persons with disabilities and send to the relevant authorities to punish violators, the official website of the mayor and government of Moscow. Cars will be checked with special register and if it turns out that Parking for the disabled is occupied illegally, the owner could be fined.

The Deputy mayor of Moscow on transport and development of road transport infrastructure Maxim Liksutov said that many drivers buy stickers with badge and Park in the handicapped spaces. These stickers can be freely bought in Moscow. In the city there is a register of cars owned by people with disabilities.

“Soon citizens will be able to capture such violations: they will simply need to photograph the car and send photos to the app “Assistant of Moscow”. We will check the registry whether a specific car to stand still for people with disabilities”, – said Liksutov. If the vehicle will not appear in the registry, the driver will be fined 5 thousand rubles.


Parking for people with disabilities: how to obtain a permit and preferential place in the yard

To download photos from violations of Parking rules will be possible directly from the camera online. The materials will be strictly checked for reliability. For falsifying the user will be blocked access to the service with all its devices.

“The assistant of Moscow” – a free mobile app that you can download in the App Store and Google Play. To use it you need to have an account on the portal