The Department store is distinguished congratulated rehabilitation center “Vera” happy birthday


 Универмаг «Сормовские Зори» поздравил реабилитационный центр «Вера» с Днем рождения

October 27, employees of the Department “Sormovskie Zori” came to the inmates of the social rehabilitation center for minors “Faith” to congratulate the children and educators happy birthday center. As gifts, guests gave their friends gymnastic balls for sport and leisure and entertainment of children of the center.

Guys, in turn, has prepared for its guests an interactive theatrical performance in the form of a fascinating journey through the planets and friendly space where each resident feels care and attention towards loved ones.

Ivan Cipro, General Director of Department store “Sormovskie Zori”: “Friendship with the sponsored social-rehabilitation center “Vera” for many years is a good tradition of the Department store is distinguished, and each meeting with his pupils filled with warmth and joy. Today we were very happy at this remarkable center for the entire day to present the children gifts and positive emotions. For us it is no less important than for the guys.”

Irina Dushkova, Director of the social rehabilitation center for minors “Faith”: “I would Like to thank all the employees of the store is distinguished for such a heartfelt congratulation, for your warmth and care of our pupils. The smiles on their faces and good mood of all present created a unique atmosphere of our festival.”

Department of public relations Department “Sormovskie Zori”

Contact person: Alyona Semenova, Anna Pulihova