TFR: brought to the depletion of the child made invalid because of the benefits


Indicted guardian Valeria K. — the boy from Magadan, in the spring of 2017, delivered in a Moscow hospital in a state of exhaustion. The woman consciously did to his adopted son, an invalid, to get the required in this case, benefits and other social benefits, said in the regional Department of the TFR.

According to the investigation, in 2008 the accused, together with her husband, not privy to her plans, took custody of three boys, initially intending to use it for enrichment. Systematically depriving the child of food and forcing them to take the appropriate drugs, it has made the appearance of symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is possible to establish the boy’s disability, to extend which it is maintained in a depleted state for nearly seven years, believe in the TFR in the Magadan region.

“As a result, the child has developed a disease associated with extreme exhaustion, as provided by the guardian the food was sufficient only to meet the minimum needs of the body necessary to sustain life”, — told investigators.

According to them, the Trustee charged with causing grievous bodily harm of a minor child, whose life was under threat. Also it is accused of fraudulent receipt of payments amounting to more than half a million rubles. Before the trial, the woman was taken into custody.

Another criminal case was initiated against employees of bodies of guardianship that gave the child into the family, and had to check the conditions of his upbringing — they are suspected of criminal negligence.

At the end of October 2017, it became known that Valery K. at the age of three were transferred into foster care illegally, without the consent of the mother, who was then in prison. After learning about his fate from the media, the woman decided to seek reunification with her son, but the boy, whose opinion should be taken into account, said that he is not ready to meet the mother, the head of the human rights centre “Pokrov” Arina intercession.

Valeria K. from the Magadan region were taken in the Endocrinology research centre of the Ministry of health at the end of March 2017, He was extremely exhausted, at 11 years old weighed only 11 pounds. Currently, the child is transferred to the new guardian, that for a long time did not consent to the guardianship of Magadan. The boy’s physical condition was normal.

Brought to exhaustion the child is given to carers without consent of the mother

The investigation in the case of an exhausted child took control of the head of the Kolyma river