Disability for children with diabetes propose not to revise to 18 years


The Council of the government of the Russian Federation on guardianship in the social sphere is going to apply to the Ministry with a proposal to establish a for children with diabetes disability under 18 years without annual confirmation. This at a press conference in TASS said a member of the Board, the General Director of group of companies “GEROPHARM” Petr Rodionov.

“The problem faced by many parents — confirmation of disability, which must be done regularly each year to collect a huge number of documents. After 14 years, there are special challenges. We will contact the Ministry of labour to consider once you confirm that disability status under 18 years, to avoid constant need of perepodchinenie that the child still suffers from diabetes”, — said the representative of the Board of Trustees.

“This is a chronic disease, it’s not going anywhere unfortunately”, — said Petr Rodionov.

Earlier, the labour Ministry has already drawn attention to the problem associated with the removal of disabilities on diabetes in 14 years, which greatly complicates the lives of children with diabetes and their families. So, in the summer of 2016, the Ministry has prepared amendments to the rules of recognition of the disabled, providing for the establishment of a disability on diabetes for up to 14 or 18 years depending on the severity of the disturbed functions of the body and disability.

In November 2016, the labor Minister Maxim Topilin promised to revisit the issue of the extension of disability for children with diabetes up to 18 years and to “consider possible solutions to this problem.” The reason was numerous complaints of parents of children with diabetes to the Federal Commissioner for the rights of the child.

The question of the extension of disability for children with diabetes, due to the inability to require them to independently control the disease, has been repeatedly raised at different levels. So, in the Legislative Duma of the Khabarovsk territory said on training on the subject of legislative initiative, and submission to the Ministry on the revision of the criteria used to confirm disability children with diabetes after 14 years. According to representatives of the regional Parliament, the need for changes in this area agree a significant portion of constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

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