“Anila Country” from “Lenstroytrest” collects friends


«Янила Кантри» от «Ленстройтрест» собирает друзей

November 12 was held a holiday “Country Anila gathering of friends” for the residents of the quarter “Anila Country” and pupils annenskogo House of culture.

Within the philosophy “Live!” and the project “Anile Teem” customer service “Lenstroytrest” and the management company, individually created for a residential neighborhood, in partnership with aninsky the House of culture held a festival of “Anila Country gathers friends” held performances of children’s circus Studio “BAMS”. The acrobatic performance was a reflection of the dynamics and brightness of life in the Dutch quarter. This is one of the many events organized customer service “Lenstroytrest” for all residents and shareholders of their neighborhoods.

The event was attended by over a hundred people, including residents of the quarter “Anila Country”, investors the construction of the second stage, and the inmates of the House of culture. The audience is particularly amazed reaction was caused by numbers jugglers and equilibrists, and some rooms children “Anila Country” could even participate and receive valuable prizes. Julia Prosyankin, a resident of the quarter “Anila Country”: “We were delighted with the performance. My daughter gladly went on stage and felt like a real circus artist. Thank you “Anila Country” and client service for the opportunity.”

This celebration clearly demonstrated to all that the quarter has its own rich leisure life, and the children — the possibilities of creative development without the need to travel outside of Yanino.

Alena Glushchenko, head of client service: “the Responsibility of the developer is not limited to project commissioning and handover of the keys, we as developer important organization of comfortable living environment and an exciting life in the quarter, which is reflected in the philosophy of “Lenstroytrest”, “Live!”. And activities such as “Anila gathers friends”, give all the kiddies and adults a sea of emotions and good mood. Similar holidays, we try to engender an atmosphere of good neighbourliness in our neighborhoods – and residents will only have to support it”.

The construction company “Lenstroytrest” sponsored performances of the circus Studio “BAMS”, providing the troupe with the necessary props.