“You just don’t like it.” Petersburg in wheelchair kicked out of the theater


15-year-old wheelchair user, was not allowed in the cinema “Mirage cinema” and kicked out of the pizzeria with him, according to the website “the Fifth channel”. The staff of the cinema said that it is a private institution and a guy in a wheelchair just didn’t like them.

An employee of the cinema “Mirage cinema” kicked Artyom and his friend from the café and refused to let him into the hall. According to the mother of a teenager, Larissa the Badanin, guys just don’t like the leadership of the institution.

Today when you visit the cinema “Mirage cinema” in “Atlantic city” my son’s friend was denied access to the cinema and pizzeria – said the mother of Artyom network edition 78.ru. – An employee of the institution have expelled the children from the cafe – my son has problems with locomotor apparatus and moves in a wheelchair and explained to them that if “host institution” not like someone’s face, they have the right to refuse service. When you visit the employee frightened a complaint to the Prosecutor.

Words Larissa badanin confirmed by the audio recording that Artem made during a conversation with the staff of the cinema. “It is a private institution. There is no reason. Face control. You just don’t like you,” said one of the officers during the conversation with Artem.

The management of this theatre has not commented on the incident. Larissa Badanina intends to appeal to Prosecutor’s office.

Previously, we reported that three women who came to the teahouse sumakh in the centre of Murmansk with children in wheelchairs, an employee of the institution refused to allow, saying that it was private property and they decide whom to admit and whom not. “We feel humiliated. We are in shock from what is happening in Murmansk!”, – outraged one of the women. It should be noted that all this happened after the actions devoted to Day of protection of children.

We wrote about that girl in the wheelchair did not miss in Harley’s bar, Krasnoyarsk. The guards explained this by the fact that the wheelchair is unsafe to be there.