In Moscow, the Foundation “flower of life” holds for children with disabilities educational classes


В Москве фонд «Цвет жизни» проводит для детей с инвалидностью развивающие занятия


Charitable Foundation “flower of life” sells in Moscow the program “Life in motion”, designed for children with cerebral palsy, autism, and speech of various syndromal abnormalities, reported on the Foundation’s website. To participate in the project may attend.

The program “Life in motion” is aimed at the development of physical abilities of children with disabilities, improve their psychological status. The organizers also hope with these sessions to raise public awareness about the problems of children with disabilities to overcome their social isolation. In addition, one of the goals of this project is the support and motivation of parents of children with disabilities and their families.

The exercises used in the program, aimed at improving coordination, concentration, body awareness. In the framework of the program conducted developmental activities in the form of a game using touch consoles Kinect for Xbox 360. It helps to effectively engage children in lessons, increases motivation to them, allow us to compare results and celebrate achievements. Beautiful visual images, music, applause involve the child in the game and inspire him.

In order to attend classes in the framework of the program “Life in motion”, you must contact to send the request to the head of the project Natalia Vorobyeva by e-mail marked “Life in motion”. Applications are accepted from organizations for example, correctional schools, and from individuals – parents of children with disabilities.

Contact phone:

  • +8 (926) 533-12-50 – Natalia Vorobyova
  • +7 (903) 171-30-19 – Tatiana Mayevskaya