The expert of the Moscow competition of subsidies: adequacy — is the main criterion


Daria Alekseeva, head of the charity Foundation “Second wind”, told the portal Miloserdie about the promising directions in the Moscow competition of subsidies, where it is involved in the expert evaluation of the applications, about which projects have the greatest chance, and what to avoid NGOs participating in the contest.

-You assess the applications in the category “Environmental responsibility”. How popular is the destination?

Environmental direction is the most unpopular even in the “Year of Ecology”. The total mass is dominated by the applications are aimed at helping people and prevention of social diseases, and the strengthening of “Patriotic sentiment”. The few applications that still have to help homeless animals and creation of infrastructure for separate collection of waste.

— In General, what projects, in your opinion, is the most popular now? In contrast, applications that have little chance of success?

— I, as an expert in an interesting “live” projects. And there are many projects. Of course, this criterion is not formal, but it is very well evident when you read that sent organization. It so happens that external demands for “relevance”, “innovativeness”, etc followed – but beneath the surface, meaningless sentences.

Will benefit the city projects that people invent, just wanting to receive a grant under some kind of meaningful activity.

For example, someone is engaged in a device of the concerts – and decides to attract to their concerts social issues, hoping for funding.

Offer to pay for some of the mobs, to hold, for example, three dance master class for four million rubles… I Think even in Moscow, the money can be spent much more productively.

Flash mobs can be financed by commercial sponsors – no need to pick up the money from the NGO!

The evaluation system at the competition is getting better, involves experts from the third sector, appeared more transparent criteria. But some NGOs still feel that they can duplicate request last year with the same data, replacing the specific purpose of some common words common words from the “We need to raise the patriotism and to reduce young people’s interest in gadgets”.

Look at the project and see that all of this has been submitted before. For example, doing anti-drug Olympics, in 2014, in 2015, in 2016 and continue to write in demands the same thing: a significant decline of drug abuse among children… compared To what it dropped? As measured this recession? There are many questions.

For a positive assessment can rely primarily those who offer concrete, understandable services to a specific audience.

Well, for example, in some area there is no area for dog walking. Is calculated that around so many dogs, so many residents interested in the fact that the owners are not walking their dogs on the playgrounds, and in the area would be clean. Service is so-and-so. Maybe it’s not as important as patriotism and gadgets, but for such a project are specific goals the organizers have the experience, and it seems to me much more significant.

What can you advise the participants in this and future contests?

I think to be bold. Because many prevent negative expectations, they think that everything is distributed in advance, and the money is impossible to the one who came to the contest “the street”. But in reality it is not so. I see from your side that the organizers of the contest KOS, as well as presidential grants, there is interest in partnership with effective NGOs.

Contest KOS – it’s not just transfer someone some money on some conditions. That is a real resource for NGOs: training and development, and collaboration of non-profit organizations and business, and media resources. Even if the application the result will not be approved – can be obtained from the participation of many benefits.

I want to advise NGOs that they do not attract the ears of the “Millennium development goals”, when you write about is quite clear and specific measures that will improve the lives of hundreds of people.

I think the excessive pathos and drama is something that will scare any sane person, who may be expert in assessing your application.

— To evaluate the projects it doesn’t matter?

— Of course. The chances of success will increase if you load your request with some fashion trends and ideological clichés. I also had to apply for grants, and I also had such illusions, I think you have to present your project official, ideological language.

It turned out that it is not so. You will get high score if you’re sane. This is the main criterion.

Plans need clear, reliable information, accurate numbers, if there are no data based on their own experience. Need specifics and value.

To follow all developments and news of the Contest of subsidies is available in the Online diary Competition, where it also published interviews with experts and organizers, videos, and other useful information.