Charity program “give children the New Year”


Charity Fund “Energy of sport” invites its partners and sponsors and simply not indifferent people to join the charity campaign “Christmas gifts”. Together, let’s give needy children a very special new year. Who will fulfill dreams of those who have no mom and dad? Become a magician for orphans is very simple.
Share holiday with kids! Charity event! “Christmas gifts for orphans” Approaching Christmas and new year holidays! Every child dreams to have gifts! New year and Christmas — is always an expectation of pleasant surprises and gifts, but unfortunately, not all children have the opportunity to get the gift you dream about. Especially those children who are deprived of the dearest motherly love. Orphanhood is a very heavy burden. I want the kids to give as much happiness, love, joy and gifts. Gifts to children-orphans can be done by anyone, any organization or enterprise.
At the moment we have received requests for Christmas gifts (please help) :
1. Christmas gifts + holiday for children from social Rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities — 590 children 708.000 rubles
2. Organization of new year holidays + gifts for children FIZKULTURNO — SPORTIVNYJJ KLUB INVALIDOV – 40 athletes – 80.000 rubles
3. Organization of new year holidays + gifts for the athletes from the “Sports club of Judo” – 75 athletes – 130,000 rubles
4. Sale of permits in children’s improving sanatorium (diabetes mellitus) – 2 families (7 people) – 395.000 rubles
5. Buying insulin pump (the child athlete – diagnosed diabetes) – 103.000 rubles + 52.000 R (annual set of consumables)

The new year is a time of wish fulfillment. Not only nice to receive gifts but to give them — especially children in need. Charities organize new year promotion. Participating in them, you can become a good magician or a fairy and give the children what they so often lack is a fabulous emotion, joy, warmth.
What holiday is more than anything loves every child? Of course! New Year! And what does every child on the eve of this holiday? Of course! Writes a letter to Santa Claus!

Dear patrons!
In the framework of the charity program “give kids New Year’s” charity Fund “Energy of sport” begins to raise funds for the organization and conducting of new year holidays, as well as the purchase of gifts to children on New Year. It is planned to give more than a thousand gifts!
Let’s help children together — give children the New year
If You want to be a wizard, just give a helping hand to children in need! Together we will give children a real miracle – a real New year!

To assist you with the following details:
1. Direct transfer to the corporate card Fund 5173 8013 9759 6165 (MasterCard)
2. Webmoney R906741156618

Look forward to any assistance provided. Even 1 ruble in the Treasury Fund.

Do not think that “my 10 roubles will change nothing”. Small remittances add up to a substantial amount. Among our friends there are pensioners, monthly transfers to us for a hundred rubles, and wealthy people transferring large sums. Help not the poor or the rich — help the good!

Charity program “give children the New Year”