Internet Companies Pledge $300 Million for Computer Science Classes


Internet Companies Pledge $300 Million for Computer Science Classes

The Internet Association, a trade association of global Internet companies, has announced commitments totaling $300 million over five years from its members and others in support of K-12 computer science education.

The pledge represents a private-sector complement to a White House memorandum issued earlier this week directing the Department of Education to make STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and computer science a priority in competitive grant programs with a goal of awarding $200 million a year. Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce are each committing $50 million, Lockheed Martin $25 million, Accenture more than $10 million, General Motors and Pluralsight $10 million each, and individuals and foundations $3 million in support of nonprofit organizations focused on expanding the computer science education pipeline and closing the skills gap. Quicken Loans has pledged funding to ensure that more than fifteen thousand Detroit Public Schools students receive the computer science training they deserve, while Intuit and the Internet Association also will contribute to the effort.

"It’s essential that the public and private sectors work together to ensure all American students have the opportunity to learn computer science and take part in the fastest growing sector of our economy," said Internet Association president and CEO Michael Beckerman.

"Whether a student wishes to become a lawyer, a nurse, a scientist, or a coder, a background in computer science will provide a critical foundation for the future," said CEO Hadi Partovi. "Today’s announcement wouldn’t be possible without the passionate work of hundreds of thousands of teachers in the past four years. Their local support in classrooms has powered an international movement to modernize education."

“Internet Association Members & Other Businesses, Individuals Commit More Than $300 Million to K-12 Computer Science Education Programs.” Internet Association Press Release 09/26/2017.