Fundraising for a disabled athlete


Fundraising for a disabled athlete

Our Charity Fund “Energy of sport” asked a disabled athlete with the request to purchase Rods for sport.

The text of the letter in the application

Hello dear Fund. my name is Alexey I am disabled of the 1st group (cerebral palsy) 14 years in sports with start at home with dumbbells rocked this up out of a wheelchair…then the coach in powerlifting for 2 years in the nearby it so happened that my mom and I live in the village and there is not gym not especially coach net..the knowledge and experience I have in training.. I have no inventory there are only 2 dumbbells and a bag of sand that I squeeze on the bars near the house..I often call my coach Galuzin Vladimir Alekseevich and invites you to take part in the bench press..But I soberly assess their abilities and know that without training with a barbell I even third place won’t take a lose..I’m not used to…I really need a barbell for the bench press to not only to compete but also to develop muscles. I myself will not be able to buy the rod it is worth a thousand 15000. and the sport is only a hobby and any part of me…I Appeal to all not indifferent people help me to get the shell..I know in our country there are many good and kind people maybe someone has an old rod. I am living in at the Station Dauria TRANS-Baikal region. all the necessary coordinates of the reference confirming the disability and address present