Fundraising, Sponsorship letter for a trip to the championship and the world Championship in fitness


Fundraising, Sponsorship letter for a trip to the championship and the world Championship in fitness
I appeal to you for help, in the hope that you will not miss my letter and respond to our request.

Please provide possible charitable assistance to the team “MARVEL”, bronze medalist of European Championship HIP-HOP UNITE 2017.

Over 1 year of competitive activity of athletes team MARVEL steel
Bronze medalists of the European Championship Hip-Hop Unite European Championships 2017 (the Czech Republic,
Karlovy vary), Bronze prize-winners of the Russian Championship Hip-Hop Unite Russia 2017 (Moscow), Bronze prize-winners of the Krasnoyarsk territory Hip-Hop Unite 2017 (Krasnoyarsk)
Bronze prize-winners of Siberian Federal district Hip-Hop Unite Siberia 2017 (Sosnovoborsk), Bronze prize-winners of the Russian Cup 2016 (Penza)

In March 2017. the team participated in the championship of the HIP-HOPUNITERUSSIA 2017, where among 35 teams took third place and received the right to represent our country at the world Championships in October 2017. in Leiden, the Netherlands.
Now, the athletes look forward to and dream about the opportunity to participate in this Grand championship, it would be a powerful impetus for further development of team MARVEL, Russian and Krasnoyarsk hip-hop culture and contributed to the promotion of healthy lifestyle among the younger generation.

We really want to find the opportunity to go to the world Cup of HIP-HOPUNITE 2017. once again with dignity to defend the name of our city, region and country at these high level competitions.
We will be very grateful for any and all for your assistance.
Approximate estimates of the trip is attached.

In gratitude for Your support we will be happy to speak at any events.
Help your young athletes will be a significant contribution in raising a healthy and strong generation, which now celebrates the Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk Krai in Russia and abroad.

Indicative costs for a trip to the championship and the world Championship in fitness aerobics and HIP HOP UNITE 2017.

The competition will be held in October 2017 in Leiden, the Netherlands.
Need to Finance a trip team of 8 people and the coach, only 9 people.
To participate in the competition you need to be in Leiden from 17 to 23 October, a total of 6 nights.
The fee for processing Visa Tickets
(Krasnoyarsk-Amsterdam-Krasnoyarsk) transfer Airport-hotel-airport cost of the hotel for 6 nights, Meals for 7 days Registration fee total
Per person 4 000 RUB 50 000 RUB 31 EUR = RUB 350 3 200 euros = 13 400 RUB* 7 000 RUB 40 = EUR 2 680 RUB* 61 430 RUB.
For 9 people 36 000 279 000 RUB RUB RUB 150 30 120 600 63 000 RUB RUB RUB 24 120 552 870 RUB.
*at the rate of 1 Euro = 67 RUB

The estimates are based on information provided by the organizers, as well as employees of the airline “Aeroflot”.