Boston Foundation Pledges $10 Million for Workforce Development


Boston Foundation Pledges $10 Million for Workforce Development

The Boston Foundation, in partnership with the Skillworks Funders Collaborative, has announced a five-year, $10 million commitment in support of workforce development programs serving a broad range of people in the region.

Building on the millions of dollars in workforce development and training program investments already made by the foundation, which co-founded and hosts SkillWorks, the funding is expected to connect approximately three thousand people with good-paying jobs. In addition, the City of Boston will invest $1 million in new and existing programs with the goal of preparing more than five hundred residents from underrepresented neighborhoods for IT/technology jobs.

"For all the valid talk of the Boston success story, we as a city will not fulfill our potential unless we make it possible for all Boston residents to share in that success," said Boston Foundation president and CEO Paul Grogan. "As our economy grows, these are investments that create new members of the labor force with access to better jobs that can break the cycle of poverty."

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