Daily News Roundup: Carl Icahn Borrows $100 Million From His Own Charity


Carl Icahn Gets $100 Million Loan From His Charity: The billionaire investor essentially borrowed American Railcar Industries stock from his Foundation for a Greater Opportunity around the time of the railroad’s initial public offering, reports the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Icahn held the shares for a decade as the price of the stock more than doubled; meanwhile, he paid prime rate on the loan.

Bush and Clinton Unite in Push for Women’s Museum on the National Mall: Appearing by video at a Washington event honoring the former first lady Laura Bush, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for a museum dedicated to “generations of history makers and trailblazers,” reports Newsweek.

U.S. Department of Education Grants Mismanaged, Report Says: The Government Accountability Office found that the department failed to properly document grants made to local governments and nonprofit groups, according to The Washington Post. As a result, federal administrators are unable to determine whether grantees have been making progress in their work.

Ties Grow Between Nonprofit and Commercial News Outlets: Collaborations help the nonprofits build their audience, and commercial news outlets save money on high-quality content, according to Nieman Lab, citing a study by the American Press Institute.

Former Gates Foundation CEO Talks About the Pope, Street Charity, and More: Patty Stonesifer, now the president of Martha’s Table in the nation’s capital, shares a wide range of thoughts on increasing the impact of charitable giving in an interview with The Washington Post.

Former Victim of Sex Slavery and Founder of Survivor’s Ink Dies: Jennifer Kempton, who used tattoos to cover up those branded on her by sex traffickers, died Thursday, according to a Reuters report. Ms. Kempton founded the nonprofit Survivor’s Ink in 2014.